Working Groups

Woodcraft Folk are working towards eleven ambitions between 2008 and 2013, including seven main ambitions and four supporting aims. These are called the Big Plan. For each ambition, there is a group of volunteers and staff planning and delivering specific work. A member of General Council leads each working group.

If you're a member of Woodcraft Folk and are interested in working towards one of the ambitions, or are already doing work that you think contributes to the Big Plan, use the contact email address to get in touch with the relevant group.


We are much better known and understood


We prioritise camping and outdoor adventures

We are open and accessible to all


We empower children and young people to Influence WCF and society


We develop and use new and exciting approaches to learning



We are bigger and better


We communicate effectively with each other


We have enough money to do what we want

We provide appropriate training and support for all our volunteers


We cooperate with like minded organisations