General Council Policies

The policies of the Woodcraft Folk are created by two mechanisms.

  1. Political policy and long term strategic direction is set by our Annual Gathering and Conference of group delegates if you want to see these policies click here.
  2. Operational policy ( such as child protection, financial guidelines and staffing policies) is set by the General Council, the elected Trustees of the movement (see below)

On this page, you can seevariety of policies which are agreed by the General Council.

We are slowly archiving older policies as we go through our paperwork and you can check back soon to see the whole set. If you want to look at policies before 1980 then you can check out our heritage website which has papers, policies and other exciting things from 1925 to the 1980s.

Policy by topic

We have a variety of policies which are agreed by the General Council on the following areas: