Folk Assembly 2017


Folk Assembly is a gathering of Woodcraft Folk members from all over the country to share skills and discuss the things that matter to us and to enjoy each other’s company. The event will include:

  • Open space discussion
  • Training and structured workshops
  • Skill sharing
  • Social activities

For further details, download the new draft programme below or contact

How to book

The prices for those staying at Folk Assembly 2017 are the same as last year but this year we have included a day rate for those just wish to come along for the day.

  • Under 16s pay £25
  • Over 16s pay £60
  • Day Visitor under 16 pays £12.50
  • Day Visitor over 16 pays £30.00

We are also operating a Fairer Fare pool at this year’s Folk Assembly, see attachment below.

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Any questions? Please, contact

Folk Assembly final programme (Draft).docx22.91 KB
Folk Assembly final programme (Draft)_1.pdf359.63 KB
5 - Fairer Fare Pool Bramhope 2017.pdf118.78 KB