Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering 2011 - Motions

Below are links to each motion from the preliminary agenda.

Each page has the text of the motion and allows comments so you can discuss the motion in advance of Gathering. We hope that this will enable people to discuss potential amendments and allow the proposers to answer questions, making for a clearer debate at Gathering.

Hufi at Annual Gathering

Tyne Venturer Hufi speaks at Annual Gathering on the subject of Woodcraft Folk's structure.

Rough Guide to Annual Gathering

Are you looking at going to Annual Gathering for the first time?

Want to know what happens there?

Been before, but fancy a refresher?

Just a bit confused about how it all works?

Never fear, the answers are here! Have a quick look at the Rough Guide to Annual Gathering which unravels the jargon and perplexing processes of the Woodcraft Folk annual conference. It's not that complicated really!

Just click on the link below to download the guide...

Group night activities to prepare for Annual Gathering

What is Annual Gathering?

Annual Gathering is a two day event which happens every year. It’s the only annual camp which gathers Woodcraft Folk of all ages from right across the UK. It is also the setting for our national Annual Conference, or AGM. During the conference the delegates discuss how Woodcraft Folk works and what we do as an organisation. Their decisions inform Woodcraft Folk activity and policy for groups, districts, General Council and the staff.

Camping at Annual Gathering

Come to Annual Gathering and join the only annual national Woodcraft camping weekend!

Lunchtime at Annual Gathering

Delegates at Annual Gathering enjoying a picnic lunch in the sunshine

Workshop at Annual Gathering

Annual Gathering isn't all about business and elections. There are workshops to attend too - like this one about group night activities, led by Maddy from the New and ExcitingApproaches to Learning working group.

Voting in GC elections

3 DFs cast their votes in the General Council election at Annual Gathering 2010

Introducing a motion at AG

Tylerr and Susie from the TREE Steering Group introduce a motion to Annual Conference in 2010

Film-making at AG

Luka interviewing young members for a new film about what happens at Annual Gathering

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