Group Leaders

Standing Orders

Below is the latest version of Woodcraft Folk's Standing Orders, as updated at the 2016 AGM. The Standing Orders are the rules for our Annual General Meetings and any other General Meeting. They are part of Woodcraft Folk's Constitutional Documents.

Health and Safety for Groups Policy

Below is Woodcraft Folk's Health and Safety Policy for groups. If you have any queries about this document, please contact the Woodcraft Folk office on 020 7703 4173 or

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policies

Below is Woodcraft Folk's Equal Opportunities Policy and Deaf Friendly Policy. If you have any queries about these documents, please contact the Woodcraft Folk office on 020 7703 4173 or

Safeguarding policy and procedure

Below are Woodcraft Folk's Safeguarding Policy and Safeguarding Procedures. Please contact the Woodcraft Folk Office if you have any queries about these documents.   

Full safeguarding procedures and policies are available at

Group Leader Notes

Group leaders are at the heart of what we do at Woodcraft Folk. Every week, across the country they plan and lead education for social change activities, having lots of fun along the way. 
From this page, you'll discover tons of resources to help you plan your group nights.

Folk Supply

Our mail-order shop, Folk Supply, offers a variety of items for purchase, including educational resources, training resources and Woodcraft Folk clothing.

Order from our online shop or download an order form below. 

Thanks for shopping with Folk Supply online.

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